Miscanthus Fountain


    Miscanthus Fountain

    This new fountain design is based on a clump of  giant Miscanthus grasses. It was commissioned to provide a tall graceful shape and a strong, but attractive splashing sound.

    The picture shows the fountain projecting streams of water from the tips of each pf the 13 grass stems. The water is designed to rise high in the air and then curl over to fall back into the pond below. The water streams form three different tiers, to provide a unified shape. The height of the copper fountain is 1.5 metres, but the water can project up to 3 metres high.

    The fountain stems and leaves are hand made from pure copper and brazed together to form a strong structure, in spite of its delicate appearance. It provides a striking water feature for a large garden or a public space.

    The photographs were taken before the pool capping was in place, but further ones will be added later.

    Height of structure 1.5m
    Maximum water height :3m

    Price:  £ 6,400