New Large Ricinus Fountain


New Large Ricinus Fountain

An impressive new copper fountain commissioned in 2017    

This new fountain design is inspired by the Ricinus plant and was commissioned by a private client for his substantial garden in Hertfordshire. Water is pumped upwards through an impressive curved trunk at three different pressures and is fed to large pointed concave leaves. The leaves fill with pools of water, which then drops from leaf to leaf, eventually falling onto intricate paving below.  The miriad drops and streams of falling water glisten in the light over the full area of the fountain.  

The fountain is made by hand beating the leaves to shape from copper and brazing them to slender copper stems and in turn to the trunk below. The copper has a warm red/brown oxide colour, which is gradually overlaid with a greeny patina on weathering.

Height 1.5m    Price £6,000