Trumpet Lily Fountain


    Trumpet Lily Fountain

    This fountain has a flower head, or heads,  which are hand beaten from copper, to form the petals of a Trumpet Lily.

    Water is projected upwards in a laminar column, which collapses on itself at a certain height. The collapsed column, falling on the rising water, forms an interesting randomly changing shape of water and  a splendid sound. The height of water and the intensity of sound can be varied by adjusting the flow rate.

    With a single flower head, this fountain is suitable for a pond. With two or more flower heads, it makes a fine display in a long  pond. This would make a splendid water feature in a large garden, corporate or public space.

    Height of Trumpet Lily (above pond surface): 40cm         
    Height of  water display:  variable up to 2m

    Price   OneTrumpet Lily        £1,070
                Two Trumpet Lilies    £2,080