Humphrey Bowden

Copper Fountains

Humphrey Bowden is a designer and maker of innovative copper fountains. These draw inspiration from trees and other plants. They are designed so that the water flow complements the shape of the plant and drops gently from leaves, so as to fall musically in to the pond below

 The fountains are made by hand from pure copper. Each individual part is heated and beaten to shape and then all parts are brazed together with a silver/copper braze. This forms a delicately shaped, but strong structure, which admirably reflects the beautiful forms of trees and other plants. The copper takes on a glorious red/brown oxide colour from heating, which gradually weathers to be tinged with the characteristic verdigris colour of copper. The fountains are permanently resistant to the elements.

These copper fountains have been extensively written up in national and international media. All the designs are original and each fountain is made individually your garden, so as to interpret your ideas.

Copper fountains or other sculpture can be commissioned for any location, from a pond in a private garden to a corporate atrium or large public space. A number of fountains have been exhibited annually at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

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