Humphrey Bowden

Corporate and Public Fountains

Humphrey Bowden is a designer and maker of unusual sculptural public and corporate fountains, often based on slender plant. tree or animal shapes, but also company symbols, when required . These allow water flow to be carefully controlled, to provide subtle sounds and and interplay of light on the falling water.
Since these fountains anre individual commissions, they can represent any aspect of a company's activities or aspirations. Because they all involve water flow, this immediately attracts the attention of viewers in the way that a static piece of sculpture cannot. For indoor fountains, the flow of water is carefully planned, to be gentle and soothing, but if required outdoors, a wide range of pleasant sounds are possible. The water streams and droplets catch the light, to make a beautiful complement to the graceful shape of the fountain.

Each fountain is hand beaten from pure copper and the different leaves and stems joined by brazing with a silver copper braze. They have a warm red/gold colour, which weathers to a classic verdigris patina. They are permanently resistant to the elements and make a wonderful feature in any location.
These corporate fountains and other fountains have been written up in the national and international press. All the designs are original and each fountain is made individually for its location, and to interpret the client's ideas.

A number of fountains are exhibited annually at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.