Humphrey Bowden

Fountain Sculptures

Humphrey Bowden is a well established designer and maker of unique fountain sculptures. They are not ordinary fountains, but are carefully designed as sculptures which have beautiful shapes of trees and other plants and fit in seamlessly to their location.

Each sculpture is a commission for the client and is a one off piece, hand made to meet his or her preferences. Many of the fountain sculptures have delicate plant shapes, where the water is designed to fill the structure, falling in streams and droplets to make a gentle sound. Where a more robust statement is required,  the shape, such as a tree, can be large and spreading, with an intricate water flow. In all cases the light catches the streams of water, illuminating the whole sculpture.

The fountain sculptures are hand beaten from copper and each part is brazed together with a silver/copper alloy that gives very high strength and resistance to corrosion. Part of the process is to heat the copper and this gives it a dark red/gold oxide coloration, which gradually weathers to take  on a greeny patina with age.  They are permanently resistant to the elements.

Humphrey Bowden has made fountain sculptures for gardens, commercial and public locations in the UK, Europe, the USA and many other parts of the world. He exhibited them at the Hampton Court show for 16 years. 

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