Humphrey Bowden

Garden Fountains

Humphrey Bowden is a designer and maker of unusual sculptural garden fountains many of these are based on slender plant and tree shapes. The flow of water is specially designed to complement the shape of the fountain and give a beautiful sound.
Humphrey Bowden has designed many fountains specifically for both small and large gardens. Each of these garden fountains is commissioned to fit in with the style an spirit of the garden. This means that they feel part of the garden and do not jar, as many modern fountains do. The whole aim is to provide a peaceful aura, which is complemented by the gentle sound of falling water droplets. The water forms part of the overall shape of the fountain, and sparkles in sunlight or spotlighting.

Each fountain is hand made from pure copper, heated and beaten to shape. The stems and leaves are brazed together with an alloy of silver and copper which provides a permanent bond of immense strength. The copper has an attractive  dark red/gold oxide colour, which is gradually tinged with a greeny patina as the fountain ages
These garden fountains have been the subject of articles, books and television programs. All the designs are original and each fountain is made individually to suit your garden, and your own  ideas.
Fountains or other sculpture can be commissioned for any location, from a pond in a private garden to a corporate atrium or large public space.