Humphrey Bowden

Outdoor Fountains

Humphrey Bowden designs and makes outdoor fountains for a number of possible locations, including gardens, courtyards and public spaces.

Each fountain is designed to suit the client's ideas and the location. Many of Humphrey Bowden's outdoor fountains are based on the forms of trees and other plants. These blend in beautifully with their surroundings and make gentle harmonious sounds. Fountains have also been based on other organic forms, such as snakes, fishes and shells.
The fountains are hand made by beating pure copper to shape and brazing the individual elements together with a silver/copper braze.  Delicate shapes can be made, using the strength and toughness of copper. The lovely red/gold colour, formed by heating, gradually weathers to be overlaid by a grey/green patina, characteristic of copper.
Humphrey Bowden has made outdoor fountains for clients all over the UK and abroad, including Europe, The USA, Africa and the Far East.
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