Humphrey Bowden

Sculpture Water Features

Humphrey Bowden designs and makes unusual copper sculpture water features. Each one is an unique sculpture, specifically commissioned for the client, to suit his ideas and to fit in with its intended location. 

They are normally inspired by organic shapes, such as trees and other plants, with graceful branches and leaves. Forms, such as fish and other creatures have been made for particular locations. Flow of water is carefully controlled to fall from the leaves in streams and droplets to make attractive an sound. 

All parts of the sculpture water feature, typically trunk, stems and leaves, are hand beaten to shape from pure copper and then joined by brazing with a silver/copper alloy. This gives great strength and corrosion resistance. Heating the copper to over 650 degrees centigrade is part of the process and gives an attractive dark red/gold oxide colour, which weathers gradually to take on the greenish patina of copper.  The sculpture water features are permanently resistant to the elements

Sculpture water features have been made in many sizes to suit different locations, up to a maximum height of  about 1.8 meters (6ft). They have been made for clients in the UK, Europe, the USA and other countries. Typical locations are gardens of private clients, but others are in commercial and public spaces.

Humphrey Bowden's sculpture water features have been widely covered in the media and have been exhibited at the Hampton Court Palace Show for many years.

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