Humphrey Bowden

Tree Fountains

Humphrey Bowden designs and makes unusual copper tree fountains. They are unique and can be commissioned individually for each location. The fountains are inspired by trees with delicate curving branches and leaves. Water streams or drips from the tips of all the leaves, sparkling in the sunlight or illumination. The water makes a gentle spashing sound, as it drops into the pond below. Each fountain is hand made from pure copper by beating each element to shape and brazing them all together with a silver-copper braze. They are permanently resistant to the elements and weather to a beautiful colour.
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Humphrey Bowden has made his unusual tree fountains for clients all over the UK, Europe, America and many other countries (see Projects). Tree Fountains have been commissioned for corporate locations, for public areas and for private gardens. 
To contact Humphrey Bowden, phone 01798 344114 or . More contact information is given by clicking Contact