Humphrey Bowden

Water Features

 Humphrey Bowden is a designer and maker of unique copper water features, which  form a sculpture in their own right. Many are inspired by slender plant and tree shapes. Falling water is carefully controlled to complement the shape of the fountain and catch the light.
Humphrey Bowden's water features have stood out from other fountains for many years because of their unique shapes and elegance of design. Each one is designed to fit in to the garden or park it is destined for and the shape made by the water is arranged to complete the overall form of the water feature. The sound made by the falling water is designed to suit the client's mood, and can be varied from a peaceful murmur to a more vigorous sound.

Each water feature is a unique design and is hand made by beating from pure copper. It has wonderful red/gold colours, which weather with a grey /green patina.
These water features have been extensively covered in national and international media. All the designs are original and each one is made individually for your garden, and  to interpret your ideas.
Water features or other sculpture can be commissioned for any location, from a pond in a private garden to a corporate atrium or large public space. A number of fountains are exhibited annually at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.