Humphrey Bowden

Water Sculptures

Humphrey Bowden is a designer and maker of copper water sculptures. These are specially designed to capture the delicate forms of trees and other plants and allow water flow to be carefully controlled. They are hand made by beating copper elements to shape and brazing together to make up the overall structure.

The whole idea of these water sculptures is to make the water form part of the overall shape of the sculpture by gently dripping or flowing within its form and down to the pool below. Because of this control, the sound is carefully modulated to suit the environment. Thre are no huge jets or ugly splashing sounds, as in many other fountains.
These water sculptures have featured in the national and international media. Each design is unique and each sculpture is made specifically to harmonise with its location and fulfill the client's ideas.
Water fountains or other sculpture can be commissioned for any location, from a pond in a private garden to a corporate atrium or large public space. A number of fountains are exhibited annually at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.
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