Humphrey Bowden


Some Recent press coverage of Humphrey Bowden’s work is given below, with links to copies of the original articles:

Masters in Landscape and Public Sculpture, 2012

Bilingual book published by Tianjin Ifeng Space Media Co, China, affiliated with Phoenix Publishing and Media Group.

 "In this book you will find an overview of these kinds of sculptures from all around the world and in a variety of settings.The international master sculptors showcased here use a variety of novel materials and techniques mentioned above, so you can see for yourself some of the best examples of contemporary sculptures in our time."

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Country Living Magazine, May 2011

Article by Stephanie Donaldson: "Planting a Private Paradise"An illustrated article about Humphrey and Isabelle Bowden's garden and Humphrey's fountains.

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Sussex Life Magazine, Homes and Gardens, February 2009.

Article by Antonia Edwards: “Get the Look”

This illustrated article is about how his career and designs have developed.

 “Humphrey Bowden’s stunning Fountains adorn Gardens all over the Globe. Antonia Edwards reveals how a background in metallurgy inspired his unique method and how the direction and Control of water flow is an integral part of his design”.

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The new Home Angels Magazine, Summer 2008

Article by Charlie Dimmock, “Making a Splash”
An Article on contemporary fountains for gardens, with illustrations of his designs.

“If you’re in the mood for something truly different, there are some wonderful designers, who have brought a truly modern feel to this most classic of concepts. Humphrey Bowden, for example, makes extraordinary copper conceits based on plant and tree shapes. The slender stems of his designs work particularly well in the lush setting of a heavily planted jungle-style garden, their delicate beauty something to be cherished as heirlooms.”

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The English Garden 2006

Article by Carrie McArdle, “Going with the flow”
An illustrated article about his fountains and the garden created by his wife Isabelle.

“Rest on one of the many seating areas in the garden of Humphrey and Isabelle Bowden and the sound of bubbling and trickling water is never far away. It comes from the numerous sculptured copper fountains designed and made by Humphrey and located in small pools or individual containers throughout the garden.

Both Humphrey and Isabelle are artists. Humphrey crafts his fountains by hand in his garden workshop, each one an original piece inspired by plants.”

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The Independent Magazine 10th July 2004

Article by Anna Pavord, “ A Bigger Splash”
An illustrated article on fountains, mainly featuring his work.

“It is not easy to find water features that are good to look at and that are made on the right scale for smallish gardens. Humphrey Bowden specialises in fountains, all inspired by the shapes of plants such as globe artichoke, hart’s tongue fern, willow, fan palm, castor oil plant, water lily, banana palm.”

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